Thursday, 29 September 2016

Paytm for Indian members

Good news for Indian members, we have integrated Paytm as another payment for an easy and quick transaction.

Paytm is quite handy and one of the easiest way in India for online money transaction. we decided to facilitate Paytm on our website for your convenience.

Following are the easy steps to send and receive money from our website via Paytm  

For claiming your money or requesting for payout :

Step-1 Go to the "Money" tab in account section

Step-2 Click payout 

Step-3 Choose Paytm as payment option and fill required details(as shown in picture)
The minimum amount for payout is $3.
Transaction fee will be $0.0100 which will be deducted from main balance.
The standard currency rate will be applicable for the day of payment i.e $1= INR rate of the day of payment.

For sending money :

Step-1 Go to the "Money" tab in account section.

Step-2 Click transfer.

Step-3 Scan the QRcode from your smartphone which will redirect you to Paytm application(as shown picture)

We consider $1=₹65.
The minimum transfer amount is ₹144 i.e. $2.22.

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